What is Viva!

Viva! was established in November 1992 to create leisure and training opportunities for children and young people with and without a disability aged, 11–30 years old, in response to
the All Wales Strategy following the introduction of Community Care. A successful application for funding to the BBC Children In Need Fund, Wales, enabled Viva! to obtain funding
for three years, this planted the seed for Viva! to begin its important work with children and young people.

The Ethos of Viva!

The ethos of Viva! is to enable and support all of its youth members to become fully involved in community activities. Viva! does this by enabling all youth members to get involved, on an equal basis. Viva! believes this encourages young people to develop greater independence and make more choices for themselves.

The Aim

The aim of Viva! is to:- Challenge members to raise their aspirations. Broaden their experiences and abilities. Encourage them to develop greater independence. Make more informed choices for themselves. At the same time we expect to raise community awareness in accepting children and young people with a disability as valued citizens.

The Goal

Viva’s goal is the creation of:- Equal and valued relationships between children and young people with a disability and their non-disabled peers. The participation of children and young people with a disability in existing community facilities, which they may have been traditionally excluded from because of the stigma and isolation often associated with disability. A shared learning support process between disabled and non-disabled peers. We achieve this by harnessing the energy, enthusiasm and potential which all young people have. By giving young people the same opportunities as their peers, we can learn and work together to meet the challenges that life offers.